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30 day money back guaranteed
, services and repairs ailments of all types. Viral, Software, Hardware, Unstable, Home and Small Business. Along with every service call you get our DoubleDay 30day money-back guarantee.

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PRICES   believes in flat rate pricing. No hourly rates to confuse you. Flat rate so you know what it cost before we start. A tremendous benefit for you. If it takes us 5 hours or 2 hours to fix your machine, you pay one FlatRate.  Along with our DoubleDuty 30 day money back guarantee,  You can't go wrong.







 diagnosis, are free of cost or obligation. You will know before we begin, in writing, what the repairwill cost. We back up your data before we begin. How does this benefit you. You will have the ease of mind that your data is being handled with the utmost of care and we are DOD Compliant when we delete your backed up proprietary information. We take your protecting your privacy very seriously.




Thank you for considering  I started building and troubleshooting computers 35 years ago.  Yes before there was an internet as we know it today.  In the beginning it was DOS, CPM and BBS's (bulletin board systems), from one college to the next. We have stayed abreast of the technology continuously.  From then till today. Back in the day I use to think I could control the world with a 40 Meg. Mountain Hard drive.  We are getting ready to implement repairs on the next age of computing,  I Pad and Android powered tablets systems.  Keeping with the times we are in the process of being trained for this new challenge. has always backed our work with a 100% Money Back Guarantee        "we fix it"  "or  you don't pay".  We have a simple mission statement." "FlatRate" pricing and guarantee our work. Keep the customer happy and their information safe. We are looking forward to demonstrating the benefits of dealing with professionals.


We offer Mouse to House service

  • Fixed Rate Services

  • Tune ups

  • OverHauls

  • Purgeing 

  • Viruses, Malware,Trojans 

  • Troubleshooting Hardware.

  • We use the most up to date diagnossis equ ipment and software.

  • No job is to small or silly 

  • No question is to silly or out of place.  Dont hesitate to call.

  • We are very affordable check out our FlatRate pricing .

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